Visit Us!


We love visitors!  To adequately prepare for the onslaught, we started construction on 2 rooms located above the future café/restaurant/bar/karaoke/film place.  To be honest, I am unsure what we will do with the downstairs part but it will be something in the future and we always need more space for visitors and long term residents.  Presently, Oconahua is not exactly a tourist trap nor does it have enough year round population to support a full time restaurant but when tourists come through to see the Palacio de Ocomo (when it opens) and for festival times, we will be prepared!  In the meantime, we have plenty of time to finish the rooms and prep the downstairs area.

There is also plenty of room on the property where our house and Mom’s cabin are located.  We have looked into the idea of building at least one cabin/small house out of local materials such as cob, earth bag construction and even using recycled bottles.  So many options and so much time available…..I am really looking forward to the design and build.

Build it and they will come…and so it goes.

4 thoughts on “Visit Us!

  1. This is really awesome, congratulations to the both of you “Aventureras!” I can see you both are enjoying everything that small town has to offer. I love Catarina ‘s story, I also love your gardening ideas, I don’t have barrels but I do have wood crates. I started painting them to prevent from going rotted from the rain and will plant flowers and herbs as they will be easy for me to move them around to have them get more sun, will see what happens. Thankyou for sharing your adventures.☺

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