Ana’s Mom had a Birthday!

You can imagine life in this part of the world would be different than in say, the states.  Just about everything has a slight to extreme difference, which is natural given the differences in culture.  When it comes to birthdays, some rituals are the same.  Friends and family gather together or call to wish a person well.  Cake is usually served (yum!) and some celebrations include gifts and food.  One of the differences here is music.  Live music.  In town, there are a few teenage Mariachi groups and other types of groups are called, “Bandas”.  If a family can hire a group for a birthday celebration, it’s a nice treat.  Ana hired a teenage Mariachi group for her Mom and they met us at her house at 7am to be a surprise.  That is another difference in this culture; a loud music group waking you up early outside your bedroom window is considered a treat and a delight. It was great fun!

20150504_073602  20150504_072749