Before Moving List: To-Do

This was our list Before Leaving The states

We have been working through and completing the list of final adventures and just plain utilitarian things to do while we still live in the states. The items are/have been:

  • Attend Ellensburg Rodeo, complete in September (Susan, Henry)
  • Attend a Halloween Event, we hunted zombies (Susan, Henry, David, Nicole)
  • Portland Trip to visit friends, complete 3 times (Tom, Raina, Sarah)
  • Get new glasses, complete for both of us (connected to Portland trips)
  • One last Figgy Pudding event, complete in December (Kathryn)
  • One final Ham For the Holidays event, complete in December (Judi, Paul, Andrea, Charles)
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas celebration with family, complete (Too many to list!)
  • Lunch outing with India, David, Nicole at Maximilens at Pike Place, complete
  • Paint poppies, complete (Judi)
  • Purchase truck and sell car, complete
  • Make a new batch of beer for Tamale Party, complete
  • Trip to LA to hang with Ana’s family, complete
  • Tamale Party, complete
  • Celebrate Sarah and Carl’s graduations, complete

And the items yet to complete:

  1. More museum trips
  2. Jordan graduation CA (scheduled!) 
  3. Sarah graduation complete
  4. Britni graduation (also scheduled)
  5. Ride the Duck
  6. Visit Mt St Helens
  7. Mt Rainier
  8. Solstice Parade  (June)
  9. Saturday trip to Vashon Island
  10. Painting with Susie
  11. Visit Tillamook cheese factory
  12. Kayaking and/or canoeing
  13. Seafair festivals (summer)
  14. Visit with India
  15. Stay in San Juans one more time (summer)
  16. Mom visit
  17. Yard Sale!
  18. Make list of all stuff for Mexico border crossing


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