God Mothers for the Next Generation

About a month ago, we had a surprise visit of some mothers and students from one of the town schools.  Ana met them at the gate and after some conversation, called me to come over.  It turns out we had been invited to be the Comadres, or God Mothers, for the graduating class.  Me thinking: “ok…..what does that mean?”.  Ana was unsure also.  We accepted of course. Hilarious.

We asked her sister and the role was a little clearer….something about getting a little remembrance item for each student with the name of the school or their name printed on it.  OK.  Pens were tossed out as an idea.  OK.

Few days later we traveled to a local towns to hunt for a shop that knows more…..found one and ordered some little items.  I liked the little shot glasses for the boys because I assumed it was for High School students.  Turns out it was for middle school.  Oops.  In the meantime, we are still kind of clueless on our role.

Well, here in Mexico it’s traditional to ask people to be Compadres, or Godparents, for just about any occasion involving young people. Sometimes, they have a life long connection to that person that is sponsored and it’s an honor to be asked and to accept.

I am not Catholic but the first event was held in the church .  Imagine my surprise when Ana and I were seated up front in our own pew, right in front of the priest.  Didn’t understand a thing but lots of standing, sitting, singing and eating wafers dipped in wine.  Not me though.  Probably would burst into flames.

So now I am getting curious…..what is this thing again?  And what is the significance? Now I find out we are supposed to give a speech at their graduation.  Eek.  I wrote mine in English.

The graduation was a nice event, our speeches were a hit (Ana translated for me) and we hung out after to eat lunch with the teachers.  Great Fun!IMG_0323

Everything is So Poky in Mexico!


Plants, animals, soil, sun, wind, scorpions, bugs…..the whole country is a wild mess of poky stuff, especially in our yet un-tamed yard. We debated on how to make at least one part of our yard comfortable and relaxing while reducing the pokiness of the flora and fauna.

Considerations: Time, cost, materials and effort.  We are getting older so if we want to really enjoy a space, it needs to get done in a timely manner. Besides, I am a bit impatient.  We are retired and on a fixed income but we do have a bit of savings for projects, just a bit.  Effort, like I stated……aging.  I used to pride myself on the ability to re-roof the house and complete other feats of strength but let’s face it…..there is a point when someone needs to be hired to do the strong arming.

Materials:  One cannot simply put down a zeriscape of crushed rock of gravel without inviting a horde of unwanted guests.  Scorpions love to hide out in rocky areas.  Dirt paths get muddy and when dry, the wind blows it into the porch area and then inside the house.  Grass….forget about it.  Too much upkeep, not my style and uses way too much water. Bricks or other stones laid out flat; could have worked but over the long run I was concerned about the poky plants making their way into the gaps.  Concrete is not my best friend but here in Mexico its used a lot so we decided on leveling the front yard and putting in concrete walkways.  A patio area will incorporate our boulders into a seating area and the open areas will be ready for low maintenance plants.

Cutting Shady Trees to get more Shade? What?

So I have written before about the less than ideal neighbor situation…..and the saga continues.  A few weeks back the neighbor teen was standing on our fence looking into our yard talking about what he could see from the view…..he also asked for our wifi password.  Then sent a friend to demand it.  Definately not normal.  Since the view from the roof and fence looks straight into our living room window, we decided to put up a shade cloth immediately which would have several benefits.

First, block their view.  Second, provide shade for our vehicles and chickens.  Third, Ana wants to plant coffee under the shaded area.  Fantastic!  Let’s see if it works.

We needed to dramatically trim the neighbors overhanging trees first to reduce the amount of leaf formation on the shade cloth.  One pic is Ana doing her thing with a machete or whatever it’s called and the other below is looking out our living room window.  We will use all the wood for construction, bonfires and leaves for mulch.  And in case you were wondering…..I have changed all the admin passwords to the 2 modems we have for our house and for Mom’s.