God Mothers for the Next Generation

About a month ago, we had a surprise visit of some mothers and students from one of the town schools.  Ana met them at the gate and after some conversation, called me to come over.  It turns out we had been invited to be the Comadres, or God Mothers, for the graduating class.  Me thinking: “ok…..what does that mean?”.  Ana was unsure also.  We accepted of course. Hilarious.

We asked her sister and the role was a little clearer….something about getting a little remembrance item for each student with the name of the school or their name printed on it.  OK.  Pens were tossed out as an idea.  OK.

Few days later we traveled to a local towns to hunt for a shop that knows more…..found one and ordered some little items.  I liked the little shot glasses for the boys because I assumed it was for High School students.  Turns out it was for middle school.  Oops.  In the meantime, we are still kind of clueless on our role.

Well, here in Mexico it’s traditional to ask people to be Compadres, or Godparents, for just about any occasion involving young people. Sometimes, they have a life long connection to that person that is sponsored and it’s an honor to be asked and to accept.

I am not Catholic but the first event was held in the church .  Imagine my surprise when Ana and I were seated up front in our own pew, right in front of the priest.  Didn’t understand a thing but lots of standing, sitting, singing and eating wafers dipped in wine.  Not me though.  Probably would burst into flames.

So now I am getting curious…..what is this thing again?  And what is the significance? Now I find out we are supposed to give a speech at their graduation.  Eek.  I wrote mine in English.

The graduation was a nice event, our speeches were a hit (Ana translated for me) and we hung out after to eat lunch with the teachers.  Great Fun!IMG_0323

6 thoughts on “God Mothers for the Next Generation

  1. Love this, love that you two are making a positive difference and adding so much to the community. Wish I could have been there!!

  2. Susie…you would have loved it and we thought of you, maybe next year at this time? There was also a huge fiesta in the plaza and we were the guests of honor….it was so crazy. The students were amazing…..

  3. I’ve been asked to be a madrina on various occasions and so far have dodged the bullet by saying that I am not Catholic. It really does involve more than you would think financially. I also do not ask for anyone to be the madrina for my son. His education is our responsibility. So when he received his diploma for the completion of elementary school, his father and I (well his father chickened out at the last minute–he gets all nervy when there are crowds of people) stood up with him. Yes, it makes the in-laws look at me strangely since I’m not all into the share the wealth concept, but I can live with that.

  4. […] Goals met:  1.   Move in one peice.  2.   Build chicken house, get chickens.  Learn more about farm animals.  Grow the “crop”. 3.   Grow organic veggies.  Build planting bed.  Try growing other things. Try again.  Seeds.  Learn more.  4.   Have furniture built. 5.   Storage built for porch to contain tools. 6.   Get front yard pretty; at half way mark. 7.   Build new bathroom sink cause I did not like the other one. 8.   Be here to care for Mom if she gets sick, she did. 9.   Be here to care for Ana’s Mom if she gets sick, she is. 10. Move Mom to her cabin on our land….with all her cats. 11. Host visitors, take them on tours. (Susan and Judi were first visitors, did not post anything as Mom got ill the day after) 12. Explore Guadalajara for shopping and fun.  Need to do more! 13. Build sturdy fence between us and neighbors.  Halfway complete. 14. Harvest our own corn, beans and use them. 15. Get legal.  Apply for residency in Mexico. 16. Learn to use a scythe. 17. Hang hammock on porch.  Relax. 18. Work on cafe/B&B/karaoke….pizza joint.  Whatever. 19. Celebrate.  Have fun.  More fun.  And more.  Birthdays.  Another big one. 20. Cook.  Cook some more.  Did I say cook? 21. Meet new people.  Do new things. […]

  5. Well Miki, I certainly believe you may cross #21 off your list. I cannot imagine that you will be able to top being a God Mother for the Next Generation. Of course, that only comes from the limits in my mind! I really enjoy your blog and hope you are able to keep it going. The photos are such fun. Ana looks absolutely amazing in the photo by the “new door.” You are living experiences most of us will never have and it is sure fun to enjoy most of them with you and to share your frustration with some of them. We don’t have a horse tramping through our property, but we do have several very hungry deer. Miki, I am assuming, and perhaps am incorrect in my assumption, that you are writing the blog. Sorry Ana if I’m wrong. Hello to both of you. Keep living your dreams.

    • Hi Roberta! So nice of you to drop by and visit the blog…now that we have been here one year we need to change the focus beyond survival. I am the one doing the writing although Ana does put her 2 pesos in now and then. For the hungry deer, I have heard that using egg yolks in water, mixed well, sprayed on things can keep them away but I also wonder if it will keep the humans away also. Ha! Next time I am in Seattle, I would love to see you both or better yet, come on down to Mexico and visit! Hug to you both!

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