Heartbreaking News

I know that the learning curve is high for me for living in a rural location.  I get it.  However…..some days are just too much and the other day I wondered if I can do this.  That day was the hardest one of all.

A little kitten has been visiting us lately and first wandered in when our front yard was getting the concrete paths.  My mom named him Buster.  We did not let him in the houses but when he showed up we fed him and he enjoyed playing in the yard with the other cats.

A few of the neighbors dogs have been getting into our property and chased our cats up a tree so I had been on the lookout for them and their owner.  Unfortunately for little Buster, I did not catch them in time to save his little life.

I regret not having the fence complete.  Perhaps that could have saved him.  Poor little baby.  He probably thought they wanted to play and instead spent his last moments in agony as we rushed to find a vet to put him down.  We never did.

One of the biggest differences here in Mexico is animal treatment. People don’t really care for domestic animals unless they can ride them or eat them.  Vets, as it turns out in our area, are very hesitant to euthanize animals and will only do so in dire situations.  Apparently the injections are highly regulated or something and the vets that day had none.  We had to take him to a friends that owns a gun.  It was a horrid day and one that will take forever, maybe never, to clear from my conscience.

Rest in Peace, poor little Buster.  Know you were loved for your short adorable life.


6 thoughts on “Heartbreaking News

  1. My heart hurts for all of you, especially sweet Buster. Hang in there, you deserve to be there and the town needs you!

  2. Thanks Susie, today we bought some tall chicken wire to fence off part of the yard and hopefully it will deter the dogs. I am just such a city person I honestly never thought dogs would kill a kitten. Always learning. Next is to install the electric fence for the perimeter which should keep out almost anything. Need to protect the rest of our precious beings.

  3. So sorry to hear about Buster. Stay strong, continue teaching compassion to animals. Maybe you can be a “teacher” for change. Hugs.

  4. I totally get where you are coming from with this. We recently were found by two lovely Samoyed dogs–quite unusual for our hot climate. We tried to feed and water then as best we could, and at considerable expense. Then comes a few more strays. Suddenly a savage pit bull moves into the neighborhood and breaks our own puppy’s back. Then another neighbor throws out poison and one of the new strays dies. Then the commotion the now considerable dog group makes annoys a neighbor and he shoots another one. Finally, after FB advertising, the owners of the the Samoyed dogs reclaims them, and the dog gang disbands. It would be nice if dog owners were more responsible…

    • So sorry to hear about your story, the differences in culture is huge when it comes to the care of domestic animals. I now have a temporary fence up and will install an electric one soon. For me, I just cannot stand the suffering. I see some changes happening like younger adults actually keeping dogs on leashes so maybe change is coming……sigh.

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