Supplemental Food Production


This first (almost) year living full time in Mexico has been busy.  Currently we are experimenting with different plants and growing conditions for the long haul for more food production.

We have grown and harvested eggs, chicken, 3 varieties of corn for human and chicken food, kale, lettuce, green onions, corn, bananas and beans.  Right now we are growing 3 types of heirloom tomatoes; some are ok and others not so much. One type of garlic took forever to grow to harvest time and another is still growing after 7 months. Cucumbers, sweet corn, butternut squash and cilantro are all growing strong if the darned squirrel will stay away from the squash.

3 sisters have been planted this week (corn, squash and beans all together mixed up helps them all grow stronger with the sharing of nutrients, shading ability and providing stalks to climb).

At best, we are supplementing our diet with fresh, organic items but we are nowhere near to counting a percentage of groceries.  The growing calendar, soil, water quantity, sun and pests are all different here and I have yet to find quality resources to rely on for organic food gardening in Mexico.  Better get networking!

5 thoughts on “Supplemental Food Production

  1. I also planted the 3 sisters this year in one of my raised beds, but critters ran off with 2 of the sisters ! So, I have one lonely corn plant in with the squash and beans.. I was going to re plant corn seeds, since I believe you need at least three stalks growing so they will pollinate the other.. but hey I’m keeping stress at a minimum. Happy gardening to ya, from Laura…

      • oconahua, as my bio states, I’m here to offer any type of laughter, and happiness I can share. Feels good to giggle sometimes… The critters are very happy, indeed… armed with their bibs 🙂

        Have a wonderful Saturday to ya, from Laura ~

  2. Looks like you’ve done really well this year! I so enjoy your posts. I’m having trouble growing things here in the south. So different than the west coast! But I keep trying! I hope mr. Squirrel leaves you some squash! Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

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