Everything is So Poky in Mexico!


Plants, animals, soil, sun, wind, scorpions, bugs…..the whole country is a wild mess of poky stuff, especially in our yet un-tamed yard. We debated on how to make at least one part of our yard comfortable and relaxing while reducing the pokiness of the flora and fauna.

Considerations: Time, cost, materials and effort.  We are getting older so if we want to really enjoy a space, it needs to get done in a timely manner. Besides, I am a bit impatient.  We are retired and on a fixed income but we do have a bit of savings for projects, just a bit.  Effort, like I stated……aging.  I used to pride myself on the ability to re-roof the house and complete other feats of strength but let’s face it…..there is a point when someone needs to be hired to do the strong arming.

Materials:  One cannot simply put down a zeriscape of crushed rock of gravel without inviting a horde of unwanted guests.  Scorpions love to hide out in rocky areas.  Dirt paths get muddy and when dry, the wind blows it into the porch area and then inside the house.  Grass….forget about it.  Too much upkeep, not my style and uses way too much water. Bricks or other stones laid out flat; could have worked but over the long run I was concerned about the poky plants making their way into the gaps.  Concrete is not my best friend but here in Mexico its used a lot so we decided on leveling the front yard and putting in concrete walkways.  A patio area will incorporate our boulders into a seating area and the open areas will be ready for low maintenance plants.

6 thoughts on “Everything is So Poky in Mexico!

    • Thanks! We already stopped at a nursery close to Guadalajara and picked up a few plants amd saw some “exotics” that we can get soon to make some theme garden spaces……cactus area……extreme flowering plants……maybe even some fruiting ones. Found some kind of berry, looks like huckleberry.

  1. Thanks for stopping by our blog. We have a 25×100 lot here in Bacalar and it’s full of poky things too. As we have yet to finish building the house, gardens are in the future. I very much want to grow vegetables and am determined to learn what it takes in a tropical environment. We have a number of fruit trees which is a dream come true. http://www.theadventuresofdostortas.com

  2. Make many contacts with local gardeners, organic produce venders, etc. One thing that is challenging is the access to information on “what kind of bug is that?” and what types of organic pest control amd plant maintenance actually work (most farmers in our area use tons of chemicals). While we are not quite tropical, we grow some tropical plants like bananas, etc. I would look at sites and information for Australia and New Zealand as I have found some cool resources and ideas that way.

  3. Looks like you are creating a wonderful space. I can hardly wait to see it! And the funny grape tree!

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