Vision Emerges in Slow Motion

20150507_124032         20150507_121042


Years ago, many years back….I had a small vision of building a small restaurant/B&B in Oconahua.  I figured with the then recent “discovery” of the Palacio de Ocomo it would become a place for tourists, eventually.  Also, it would give us busy body women something to do with our time and all the yummy organic food we would raise.  Plus it would provide some long term living space for friends and family.  I have many ideas in my vision.

Years have since past, and since everything takes so much longer than anticipated, it is still not complete.  Today, however, we had a great event happen!  The doors we ordered back in December finally arrived and were installed.  Hail the Blacksmith!


5 thoughts on “Vision Emerges in Slow Motion

  1. LOVE this post! Congrats to both of you, I cannot wait to come down to eat in your restaurant and stay in your guest rooms!!!

  2. Well if it takes much longer I’m going to need Mom’s walker to get around the place! Hahahaha…. we are aiming for September to have at least one of the rooms finished upstairs. Having the doors in place means we can keep it secure now, woot! Looking forward to have you back.

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