Before Moving, Last Tamale Party

Ana and I love to cook massive amounts of food and then share with family and friends so several years back we started making tamales and throwing a party. Attendees are always provided with an option to learn how to assemble their own tamales to take home for later consumption.

This last event was a grand success thanks to Bob and Pam for sharing their home and for all the wonderful friends and family members who contributed fun.  If you were not in attendance, no worries! We will host another event in Mexico where you can eat and make tamales until you get sick of seeing them. More pics here:

Best Tamale Party ever! 2014


Experiments in Watering


It’s about to get super hot here (April and May are often over 100) and I am putting in my little tomato plants. I heard about different methods to keep the roots of the plants moist without wasting water, which is scarce this time of year, so I thought I would try a few without additional purchases. Milk comes in plastic containers and I have been hoarding the empty jugs for different uses so I took some, made slits down one side and placed them next to each plant.  My intention is to fill them with water to get a nice flow directly to the roots. Since I am also not excited about plastic in the garden, I am trying a glass bottle as it seems to be draining slower and that could be good.  Let’s see what happens!