Horse on our Property

Argh….the neighbor’s horse came on our property again.  Some days just feel like an uphill battle where I get run over……or trampled by….the stupid horse next door or some other silly interaction with a neighbor.  Its touchy here to deal with these sorts of situations.  First, I am still understanding the culture and unsure how to handle a tense situation and second we think someone already cut our exhaust pipe on our truck (at least that is what 2 mechanics told us when getting it fixed).  I do hear that these sort of passive aggressive actions happen, especially when a tense situation arrises without adequate resolution.  Being rude is about the worst offense one can commit in Mexico, that and raising your voice.  Bad, really bad.  AND….men are not used to women telling them off.  I think my sassy attitude and commanding German voice is just not so acceptible here in Mexico.  Sigh. 

I would love to just build a big ass fence and completely block the neighbors out and that will happen but it’s not the right time.  We need to get a boundary line resolved and that should happen next month…..hopefully.  In the meantime, horses come on the property and I put up temporary chicken wire fences.  Maybe the next post will be happier as it’s Spring and time for more gardening!  Just need to keep the horse out so it does not eat my plants or keep knocking over our building supplies. 



9 thoughts on “Horse on our Property

  1. Poor horse, he knows how well you care for your animals and he wants to be adopted!! Hope all goes well with the property line so you can finish the fence soon :))

  2. Is that the same horse that was in a very small pen by mom’s place? I felt so sorry for that poor thing. Make friends with it and train it to work your land; you know, pull a plow and get rid of that prickly grass you were mentioning. Good horsey!

  3. It can be tricky dealing with neighbors and their customs. I’ve had some interesting run-ins with mine. I hope you get that fence and everything is resolved so you can have some peace. 🙂

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