Vegetable Garden Attack

Bugs happen and chickens eat; my lessons for this week for growing vegetables in Mexico.
Believe it or not, organic or chemical free fresh veggies are pretty much non existent in this little farming community. I already knew that growing our own was going to have to happen sooner or later. Now is the time to grow them and experiment with what does well and what suffers.
As you can see in my previous post on vegetable gardening, we have broccoli, kale, lettuce and onions among a few other plants. Apparently the chickens were all so fascinated with gardening and jumped over my little fence to eat up the kale and lettuce…. yum yum yum. Jerks. I honestly didn’t appreciate it. As well, the cabbage worms moved in and started biting holes in the kale leaves and eyeing the broccoli. More jerks. So I got out the neem oil spray and went to work finding the cabbage worms and redoing the fence.

4 thoughts on “Vegetable Garden Attack

  1. Yes, chickens love veggies. They are very helpful when your garden is “done” as they can go in and clear away everything! I so love your posts. So entertaining! 😀

    • Thanks! When we first moved here full time there were tons of grasshoppers….like a locust invasion. After the chickens arrived they had a wonderful time eating them up, yum yummy. Now I keep them from the garden area but they surround it and keep the population down. We seem to have veggies year round now. In their paddock area, where they stay when not roaming free, there in a ton of new growth, guava trees…..squash…..and I am sure its from all the fertilization. Helps keep them shaded.

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