Happy New Year, 2015….with a little wild honey

A few days ago, Tito (Lita’s husband), collected wild honey from one of the nearby hills. I am sure the process of getting to the honey is something I would never want to experience so I am grateful he shared some with us. I posted the pic on FB and my sister Janice was kind enough to send an idea on how to extract it from the comb.


First, I placed the parts into a large zip lock bag and crushed them with my hand.  I did not capture that pic as my hands got covered in honey!
Then I called Ana in from the yard and asked her to poke some holes in the bag so I could squeeze out the honey.  After that was somewhat complete, I then put the parts into a metal strainer over our container and crushed more with a fork.  It is a really strong flavor, one that I have never tasted in honey….very nice.  I will use the comb too, I think I can soak it in cool water and use the strained water to sweeten tea.




Oh yeah….and Happy New Year!

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