Winter Gardening in Mexico

Ana jokes that in this part of Mexico, you can carelessly throw seeds on the ground and food will grow.  Well, after laboring in gardens in the Pacific NW to eek out a few tomatoes, I will say that it almost true. It has been fairly easy to grow plants so far in a small area of our ample yard.  With some help from friends that brought us seeds (and with seeds that we had at a relatives house), we have our winter garden growing strong.
The north part of the yard is sunny most of the day with a narrow patch along a long brick wall.  Our 6 foot high wall helps keep warmth reflected on the garden patch and several old tequila barrels that have been sawed in half.  We re-used the old metal frames which are used in Mexico to create arches for doors and windows during construction; the frames now hold the barrels up off the ground to help keep bugs and chickens at bay. 
We now have green beans, garlic, 2 types of kale, green onions, lettuce, broccoli and several herb plants growing steadily.  Satisfying.



I was also curious if a lemon tree could grow from seed as its almost impossible to find lemons in Mexico; most people use limes. I now have small starts and anticipate at least one should grow to maturity.


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