Wifi in the House!


Seriously…..we have been here full time for 4 months now and getting internet access for some of our electronic items has been challenging.  If you desire a wireless connection, you need to drive to the next town and sit in the plaza and connect to the free wifi….or go downtown Oconahua and pay a small fee at the local interent place to hook into theirs.
We have had a slow connection that is similar to Clearwire where we have a modem on the roof and it picks up the signal from a local antenna.  We pay 200 pesos per month which is about 17 dollars, more or less.  The challenge has been the slow mini mac, the only device we could use to hook in to the cable as Ana was told it was a weak signal and would not support wifi.  Apparently there was a communication challenge months back or something as we saw another person in town had a wifi connection in their house. We bought a router, pluggged it in and now we can use our other devices!  Yippee…..books can be dowloaded to my nook, I can use my tablet and Ana can connect to FB faster.  Now we may never go outside again.

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