Visiting Mom in La Penita, Thanksgiving!

A little bit late for posting but….Ana and I drove to La Penita to visit my mother for Thanksgiving.  After visiting her last month, I declared that she HAD to get an AC unit to cool down the house as we find the heat absolutely unbearable.  I was delighted that she agreed and now there is an AC unit for all visitors to enjoy so they do not need to suffer in the hell weather of the coast and all it’s humidity.  Sorry Mom but now maybe more of us will visit.

The drive is not a difficult one as we take the toll roads and they are always well maintained and fairly traffic free.  Ana drove most of the way as I enjoyed the scenery…I love the part where we drive over an old lava flow; pretty cool!  The last 30 minutes or so are the most difficult and tricky with the twists and turns through the jungle leading to the coastal área.  We made it safe and sound with our fantastic Toyota Tundra; love that truck!

The morning of Tday, we all drove south toward Puerto Vallarta and shopped for some hard to find items in our small town.  I had a long list to search for and we did find most items at the various stores along the way including Home Depot.  Yippee!

That evening we joined old and new friends for a laughter full night of excellent dining, tall tale swapping and idea formation as we shut down the restaurant and bonded with one of the owners who encouraged our organic food growing journey.  Since my back was to the wall, I did not even notice the old movies that were projected behind me all night….a fine event indeed; great food, excellent company and a relaxing time.  Here is their website:

We also hung out at Petra’s cafe, a German themed place.  Here is her site and all the expats hang out there.  Petras Cafe



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