The Good, not so Great and the really Ugly

The Good: it’s fantastic to finally be in our house that we spent the last 11 years or so getting built one part at a time.  Since we did not borrow money to build it, we carved out parts of our bi-weekly paychecks and paid cash for all the materials and labor.  Fantastic as we have no mortgage on this place.  The views are spectacular and when I am outside on a daily basis, I look up and drink it all in.  We are living our dream of growing organic food to supplement our life.  Lovely.

Not so Great: I will admit there are some challenges to living in rural Mexico.  The distance away from stores is challenging and it’s difficult to get some food and items we need.  We learn to adjust or stock up when in a shopping area.  Being away from friends and family is also difficult and it’s far from easy to feel connected.

Last night there was an epic storm and honestly I thought the chicken coop would be totally destroyed with all the wind that hit the house; this morning, chickens and the coop were intact but our pile of harvested beans from yesterday were soaking wet.  Ana and I hauled them into the covered porch to try and dry them out before they mold.

The Really Ugly:  Ana found a large snake in the chicken coop the other day.  Scared the you-know-what out of her!  We called over the neighbor who was kind enough to pick up a large stick and kill it for us.  At first, we assumed it was a poisonous one as that is what he said, however, it looks like it may not have been that dangerous although one that was most likely after chicken eggs.  Sigh.

Learnings:  Clear the long grass and bushes around the coop so animals cannot hide and sneak up on the chickens, put in a cement floor and keep the door closed during the day to prevent further predators from entering.

Pay close attention to the weather and if it looks like a storm approaching, get your drying harvest under tight cover and keep it dry.


7 thoughts on “The Good, not so Great and the really Ugly

  1. Love reading you blog! How large is a large snake? I would not enjoy finding one, either! Did it end up in the compost pile?? Every day is anew adventure! Hugs to both of you!

    • 🙂 The snake was about a yard and half but honestly, I did not get out the measuring tape! It ended up on the burn pile in the backyard as Ana was afraid the chickens would peck at it.

  2. I can totally relate! We are currently in year 8 of our house building in rural Mexico. Next month we hope to put the roof on the second story! And the distance to stores is also an issue for us as well. Daily meals require a trip to town and back. But the joy and freedom are so worth the bit of inconvenience.

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