Bananas and Chickens!

We completed the chicken coop, where our new chickens will spend the night safe and sound.  Ana found a person in the nearby town of San Marcos, who was willing to sell her some chickens but part of the deal was to help catch them.  Between the 2 owners, Ana and their dog Zorro, 4 adult females and 3 baby chicks where caught and purchased.

The next day, we had our first egg which was really a surprize as we were warned the hens would not be laying eggs for at least 8-9 days since moving to a new place would be stressful.  They are settled in and we look forward to fresh eggs in the future.

One of the 5 bunches of bananas also started ripening up so we harvested in and now it’s hanging in the kitchen where it will ripen up a few at a time.  Yummy…the chickens also love bananas to snack on.

IMG_2994 IMG_2993IMG_2992 IMG_3001 IMG_2998 IMG_3004

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