Harvesting Corn

Monica_corn IMG_2920


Today Ana’s mother came to the house (actually Ana put her in the truck and made her come “visit”) and she wanted to see if any of the corn was ready for harvest.  Currently we have 3 kinds of corn planted all over the property except for the front yard, which is planted with beans.  I have not looked for fresh corn to eat as it’s not really that kind of corn like we get in the states…it’s not the typical sweet variety, rather, it’s corn you normally dry and use for tortillas, tamales and pozole (sort of like hominy).  We will be harvesting over the next few months and drying it for later use.

Folks here in Oconahua like to use the young corn to boil or grill for eating but I find it a bit tough to chew….Ana’s mother (Monica), found some in the yard that she likes so Ana is boiling some for her now.  All organic!


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