All Worth the Hassle!


Our trip here was quite the experience! 2 cats in cages, way too much stuff in and on the truck (even some hanging off the end) and stopped at the border where we unloaded it all and then had to wait overnight for the computer system to come back online in order for the truck to pass inspection; for the ENTIRE border.  Wow.  Thankfully Ana’s relative, Alonzo, came with us to drive and guide the way; he ended up volunteering to sleep overnight with the ítems while Ana and I headed to a local hotel.

We have arrived and for the past week have been settling in, getting my paperwork completed to stay legally and cleaning, cleaning and cleaning some more.  Did I mention unpacking?  Some ítems needed to stay behind but we have what we need to survive.

Satellite TV installed, slow internet connection turned on in the house (basic for email, some websites), cats relaxed finally and Ana has killed bugs by the truckload.  We should be set for now.

Next steps: get scythe sharpened and cut weeds outside.  Investigate what food producing ítems can be planted next and get some storage in the house.  Who will visit us first?  Check out Oconahua in Jalisco Mexico on Google Earth and “walk” the town.


2 thoughts on “All Worth the Hassle!

  1. Susie and I have dibbed February 2015. Don’t have the date set yet but will let you know when we firm that up :)! Love the post, thanks for the update.

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